Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Next Up: Zendaya

Next up in the #JuneReleases is Zendaya with her 3rd PSR album called "HeartBreaker" It is a R&B/Pop album produced by Omarion, NiNi and Ke$ha (she's next). It features Mya, Selena NiNi and Brooke Valentine (yup she's back) which is the only album so far to have so little features, but it still is a very nice album. It dropped at midnight and 9 hours later she has sold 344,000 copies, she's trailing behind the other June Releases so far, but she still is doing well and those numbers are fastly climbing. I have prepared a full review on a separate blog, head here to view it. It is available on Itunes, her site the PSR site and in music and retail stores worldwide for $9.99 and comes with her signature. Click here to purchase "Heartbreaker" by Zendaya. Speaking of her, she will be going on her 1st PSR world tour called "HeartBreaker Tour" to support the album starting in Georgia on July 1st, and she also is having a contest for her fans. Head over to her website to get more info on both. And as mentioned "Ke$ha, who was just a few inches away from entering the "Never Heard Of Category", has announced her place in the June Releases and announced her 5th PSR album "Let The Fun Begin" will be releasing on the 20th. It's very anticipated and we're looking forward to it. So be on the lookout in 4 more days.....

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