Thursday, June 11, 2015

Somaya Reece Brutally Beaten Again: NiNi Suspected In A Plot

This war is getting serious, because now the N's are taking it amongst themselves to enter it and those N's are just as crazy (or maybe even crazier) then those Beyhives or the Monsters or the Kitty Kat's (no offense guys). Somaya was released from the hospital this afternoon and she was brutally attacked by a female who is assumed to be an "N" Although Somaya was with a bodyguard, the girl was freakishly strong and she managed to overpower him and knocked him out with one hit. Somaya, who was still bruised and in pain was trying to defend herself and fought back, but you can tell her injuries were painful and she couldn't fight back as good as she needed to. The woman who remains unidentified, walked up to her and just started banging on her and when she got her on the ground she kept stomping and stomping and wouldn't stop. A passerby called the cops and they arrived 5 minutes later, but before the person walked by she was beating Somaya for a full 20 minutes and by minute 12, she was knocked out, but the girl still was unleashing everything she had on her. Somaya was left severely bloody and lifeless. When police arrived, she was still stomping her and 4 cops pulled her off of her and put handcuffs on her. They called an ambulance for Somaya and they arrived 2 minutes later and she was put on a stretcher and rushed right back to the hospital. The woman was laughing like a maniac as she was put in back of the police car. Doctors say that she needs surgeries but they declined to further comment on her condition. Although this unknown woman was clearly seen by cops assaulting Somaya, cops still opened an investigation because they feel that this woman may have been hired by NiNi to carry out the assault and that's because Somaya made some threatening statements towards her when she first woke up a couple days ago, and now that she got out, she gets attacked again, and cops find that suspicious (and they're out to get her, we all know that). The woman's name is unknown, and being that we know she isn't a celeb, many feel she is just an obsessed "N" who was defending her "idol" Police say the woman refuses to give her name and she is laughing and has no remorse and refusing to cooperate at all. She is booked on assault and attempted murder and her bail is set at 1 million. Police are looking to question the queen, but being that she is overseas right now for her tour, that's damn near impossible, so they went to the next best thing: the "number" yup, number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 have all been questioned to see if they know something that NiNi might've plotted, and they all told them "no" Without any hard evidence, they had no choice but to accept their answers and leave them alone. The video of Somaya was recorded by a fan who was walking by and she was recording because she saw Somaya and she captured the ENTIRE thing, from when the girl first walked up to her to when she was driven away in the back of the cop car. Click here to view it, it's exactly 25 minutes long. (Warning, very graphic video lots of blood view at your own risk)

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