Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who's The Better Dancer? NiNi CiCi Or B?

Well that's the contest going on right now, NiNi, CiCi and B are involved in a contest set up by the fans and they all agreed to do it. It's called a "dance off'' and they all will be in Atlanta on Thursday (tomorrow) and it's like an event and they will have a stage set up and they will dance to their own songs and the fans will vote on who's the best dancer. Those 3 chicks are the best dancers in the music industry (besides MJ who is the main best) but since he is gone, those 3 have the title of best dancer, but there can only be one best dancer, and that's what this contest is gonna prove. Its a free event that lasts about an hour, maybe a little longer but if you want food or snacks that's not free. Basically each lady comes on stage dances their best moves for 2 rounds a piece and professional Judges vote who the best dancer is along with the fans, pretty simple right.....The event is only for one day and whoever wins will be crowned the best dancer. So don't miss out on the dance off, starting tomorrow in Atlanta in Pacific Park so if you wanna see some hot dancing from hot ladies, head over to Pacific Park in ATL tomorrow at 11am......Click here to check out more info on this 'Dance Off'

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