Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NiNi Cleared As Suspect In Assaults -+ B Confirms Project

The recent assaults of Somaya Reece and and Mendeecees is NOT due to NiNi or her husband, according to state police. The reason being that NiNi does in fact have an alibi and her security cams around her house show her in her house in bed most of the day, and during the attack which was between 8pm and 9pm, the footage shows her in her bed and taking pics and posting it to Insta. The police have announced these findings and have cleared the queen as a suspect and publicly apologized to her, did she accept it? yes she did, she posted a message which we believe is towards the cops which says "about damn time" which makes sense because this is the first time police have apologized to NiNi. But the queen still isn't off the hook just yet.  Police have discovered that a witness which happens to be a close friend to Somaya saw NiNi in the area last night around the time she was assaulted and even reports that she said "HI" to the queen but was ignored and she kept it moving but no other evidence supports this and it has been discredited.  In fact,  a BINI fan has actually stepped up and said that she is responsible. Police were a little skeptical but realize that BINI Ns and the Beyhive are the most craziest obsessed fans ever (no offense) and they arrested from her confession.  Mendeecees's attacker still hasnt been identified yet but police are hopeful another BINI fan steps up and admits it.  Click Here to view the arrest report for a BINI fan getting arrested for confessing. In other news, looks like the rumors are true.  Queen B doesnt use social media often but today she confirmed over Twitter the question that's been burning which is "are the queens reuniting?  She simply posted : "yes" A while went by and nobody knew what the hell she was talking about and some of her fans even replied to her such as "what does that mean queen? " But a short while later she clarified on what the "yes" means posting "#getloud ##NiNIAndB ##Real soon.  ##RumorsTrue" So seems like we're getting a queen reunion after all and apparently the song will be called"Get Loud"which sounds amazing and confusing at the same time but who the hell cares it's both queens teaming out for a famous collab after more then a year that's hella exciting don't ya think.  So did queen bestie number 1 Just confirm what we all were hoping? Or is she referring to something else? We sure as hell hope it's the one we want to hear. No word on when this supposed collab queen project will release but we hope it's soon. ...  don't you?