Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Somaya Reece And Mendeecees Assaulted Last Night, Cops On NiNi Again


It just so happens that after Somaya did her interview confessing that NiNi's husband Beith was her 'major crush' she was viciously attacked in her home in Atlanta by an unknown person. But the cops don't think its an 'unknown person' they think it's NiNi as they follow the music industry and social media well and they know that NiNi and Somaya are in a vicious beef and shortly after she announced her feelings for NiNi's husband, she was assaulted ,police don't see that as a coincidence so they are on NiNi's ass again. The only reason why they are on NiNi is because of the fact that Somaya mentioned her husband in an interview and less then 3 hours later she was viciously assaulted. The police chief says that if she would've been attacked a few days ago while it was quiet between her and NiNi then suspicion wouldn't have been on her, but since it happened RIGHT AFTER she said she likes Beith and wants to have sex with him (and possibly might have already) and then gets beat, they feel that its the actions of a jealous wife. NiNi usually has an alibi, like she was at a show or in a different part of the world, but this time, NiNi was off yesterday and home,  and she is only 6 blocks away from where Somaya lives which police feel she couldve had plenty of time to sneak over do her dirt, and go back home. The police are dusting for fingerprints and trying to gather further evidence, and until they have a pound of evidence, they can not arrest her, but she is a person of interest which is pretty much a suspect, and cops don't feel it's anyone else but her. Being that NiNi lives so close to Somaya, and that she travels that way alot its making her look like the suspect, but NiNi claims that even though she was home,  she was sleep half the day because she is sick and she has pics that she posted to Insta to prove it, and the  time stamps on the photos show that she was home under the covers in bed while Somaya was being attacked, but Police made a statement saying 'The pictures prove nothing, the time stamps could have been changed and a person of her status and her financial status can pretty much do whatever they want to do, for all we know, she could have taken those pictures 2 years ago and she is making it seem like it was just recent so we don't know, we can't rule out Mrs Nichols as a suspect due to the reputation she has with law enforcement and in situations like this, we are conducting a full investigation in the case of Ms Reese and the outcome of that investigation will determine who is rightfully responsible for her injuries". Fans have been supportive of the queen as well as her girl buddies who are attacking  the police for always picking on  her as they feel they are unfairly singling her out, and  they have responded saying they have nothing personal against her, but she still is a human being no matter who she is and if she breaks the law she has to pay like anyone else. Doctors have not released the condition of Somaya yet. Another person who was attacked was Mendeecees who is also from Love And Hip-Hop. He was attacked coming from a coffee shop in Memphis Tennessee. He was found by an 8 year old girl who called the cops and told them a man is hurt. When ambulances arrived, he was barely alive and barely breathing. Cops do not have any suspects in this case, and being that Rich Dollaz is the one who said he has a crush on NiNi, and not Mendeecees, police do not suspect that Beith had anything to do with it. They have several theories and feel that maybe a jealous ex boyfriend of Yandy who has been threatening both of them, which has been shown on the show numerous times, may be responsible, but after trying to contact him all day, he is unavailable, but police consider him a person of interest. He was taken to the hospital around 9pm last night where he is in serious condition, but just like Somaya, doctors aren't giving any details. So just who attacked these two? was it jealous BINI fans? maybe, maybe not.....stay tuned for more info.......P.S just for procedure reasons, it's said that the cops did interview Beith but they say he has a solid alibi for his whereabouts at 9pm, so they have officially ruled him out as a suspect.......