Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nicole Alexander Hoops Joining PSR??

Rumor goes that "Hoopz" who recently ventured into the music game is now about to sign with PSR. Hoopz and NiNi have been cool since her days as a reality TV star so it makes sense, but it's unconfirmed as Hoopz and NiNi haven't confirmed anything and they are unavailable but Hoopz did post about the big dance event happening tomorrow posting "Can't wait for the big #DANCEOFF tomorrow, #NiNi' Many fans of Hoopz have expressed interest in her joining the famous platinum crew and feel that her skills has what it takes to join the legendary crew, but some feel that she needs to up her game before she can officially be considered 'platinum'. Have you guys heard Hoopz yet? Click here to check out her newest song "Don't Push Me' Ft Rasheeda, and you judge for yourself if she deserves a spot at PSR......As I said this isn't confirmed so it's just in rumor status but it would be pretty cool if it were true right?

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