Thursday, May 28, 2015

NiNi's Trainer Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Her??

Sources are reporting that NiNi's personal fitness trainer has been arrested after trying to sexually assault her during a training session. Rob Baker is responsible for NiNi's perfectly fit body and he has been her fitness trainer for over 2 years and provides her with strength training, diets, choreography training and weight and cardio training which is why NiNi has remained 169lbs in 2 years which is the perfect weight for someone her age. He is a good trainer, but now he is being accused of sexual assault on his most famous client. It's said that during the session, he began touching her in ways that's not like the ways trainers touch their clients, usually trainers have to do a little touching, for example they put their hands on their back to help them lift higher and etc, but he began going to her butt, boobs and........private area and she began pushing him and he kept making advances to her and her security came and got him off her and called the police who arrested him. Its said that NiNi is shaken up but nothing happened and she will be OK...She declined to talk to the press and is unavailable for comment. Stay tuned. *UPDATE* This story is NOT true. The reason that it exists is not for profit though, something DID actually happen with this man, just not with NiNi. She attended her fitness session with him at 9am this morning to 10:30am and after he left her, he apparently visited another client (not a celebrity,  who booked him) and he tried to rape her in her apartment and she called the police on him. He tried to flee but was caught 2 blocks from her house. The reason the media thought it was NiNi is because she was the last person he was known to be training so it all made sense, no one knew he went somewhere afterwards. NiNi has spoken up on the incident posting "I do NOT and WILL NOT EVER support rape, abuse or anything related, that being said I want to make a special shout out to the young lady for her courage and quick thinking to avoid a serious trauma event, I was not aware of how this man is, and although I have been with him for over 2 years, this right here just made me realize how fortunate I am for not falling prey to him. Our business relationship is officially OVER....he's a sick man and I hope he gets the help he needs" The trainer, the well known Rob Baker, has also been unavailable for comment and denied talking to the press on his way to jail. It is unknown what his bail and/or sentence is yet.....*

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I thought that dude was gay