Thursday, May 14, 2015

India Benet Doing 2 Street Shows To Promote Upcoming Album And Tour

India Benet is doing much better these days, in her personal life and in her professional life. She is currently about to release her highly anticipated 3rd PSR album "RECOVERY" and she is about to hit the road and begin her solo tour. But to help promote her new album due on the streets on May 20th, and her tour which is scheduled to start in early June, she is putting on 2 free street shows, one in New York and one in LA this weekend. If you don't know, a street show is pretty much like a block party where a bunch of people come put and hang on the block and the artist performs for the massive crowd. Since both events are free she's only performing 2 songs, signing a minimum of 500 autographs and a limit of 25 pics with fans for both events. Even though both shows are free, you still need a wristband in case you walk off you can get back. Wrist bands will be available at a little booth that will be set up during the event and for both events only 5000 bands will be available so it's definitely first come first serve so if you miss your chance you just did. The new York event will be in Brooklyn on MLK Blvd beggining at 10 am.  TheLA details are not known yet but you can hit up her site to get details on everything.  Food drinks and cotton stands will be available on site for both site's (you gotta pay for that though not everything can be free).The one in Brooklyn is Friday and the one in LA is Saturday. Booths are up now on the blocks the events will be on so I suggest you people start going to get your wristbands now and not way to the day of the event for your city but hey just a suggestion.  Congrats to miss India we're really proud of where she is right now. Click here to check out all the details on these events....

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