Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fan Upset And Outraged What NiNi's Booking Prices Are

Would you like to see NiNi or any other PSR artist live  and up close in person? like in your own house or backyard, or pool party, or birthday party or bbq or whatever? Well you better have pretty steep pockets. Every PSR artist, including NiNi has a "Booking" tab on their website and you click it set up when and where and pay the fee. Problem is, that tab doesn't get clicked very often because that fee is something only about 5% of the world can afford. But today, one eager fan wanted to book NiNi tomorrow for her 10 year old daughters birthday, but when she saw the price she was shocked. NiNi charges $100,000 for just a 1 hour performance, anything over an hour is an extra $50,000 per hour. The fan says she tried talking to NiNi's handler or secretary and told them that her little girl loves NiNi to death and her only wish is to see NiNi and asked them to have a heart and she had 25,000 to pay her and she basically begged, but she claims they were rude and told her she is not above anyone and she will not get special treatment and she will pay what everyone else pays and they hung up on her. This is what she posted "I was shocked that they would treat fans like that, I was left standing there mouth open phone still to my ear wondering how they fee they can just disrespect people because we're the "little people". I feel charging outrageous prices like that is ridiculous when you're making triple that much every day, why charge your fans so much, how are we ever supposed to book you, why even make yourself available when you know damn well that its hardly anyone out here that's banking like you're banking. I'm still a huge fan but NiNi thats totally unneccesary and outrageous, and you should talk to your handlers I don't care who they are I still deserve respect" Her little rant gathered over 4 million likes, but of course the ride or dies came to NiNi's defense and they pointed out that yes her prices may be high, but they also pointed out that NiNi's prices are actually the cheapest out of everyone at PSR. If you want KP, you're pulling out over $550,000 and that's for a 20 minute private signing, not even a performance. Tinashe? You better have over a milli laying around because she wants $1 mil for 1 hour, and $500,000 for each extra hour. Who's the highest on PSR? That would be Cymphonique and Ye who each charge $4.9 million and that's just for one private show and one autograph which is only about 20-30 minutes and 2.2 million extra if they stay longer. So yes 100 grand is high but when you compare NiNi to her artists she's the cheapest one of her roster so the N's are saying to give her a break. Do you agree? Are all of their prices too high or since they're royal artists they should charge that high?


johnny1 said...

The way I see it, you're asking for an extremely famous person to come and do a show just for you. It's weird people in this world they might walk in your house and you might try and kidnap them for Ransom or anything else so they charge that high to protect themselves because most people won't risk losing all that money

johnny1 said...

I agree but most people wouldn't want to risk 30 grand either that's a fair price but 4 million and higher like wtf that's celebrity money and it's crazy

johnny1 said...

Yeah niq niq and ye bugging 4 real that's bs yall charging more then what you're probably worth