Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kelly Clarkson Joining The Legends? + Katy McPhee New Album #JuneReleases

Kelly Clarkson

Katherine McPhee
KC (Not Keyshia Cole) the first ever artist signed to PSR back in 2009 has been at PSR for 6 years and was signed to PSR only 3 days after NiNi finished building it and started running it, and within this whole time, she is the only PSR artist who has over 15 albums released on the label and every last one of those albums went platinum and she has made over 700 billion dollars for the label with album sales and tours. It's safe to say that Kelly is definitely one of the legends of PSR, but recently she has fell into the "never heard of" category, but she won't be there for long as she is about to release her 16th PSR album in early July. But before that, she is said to be joining the 2nd arm of the "Legends Tour" starting June 1st which is this upcoming Monday. Michelle Williams is also a guest from the 1st until the 3rd, Kelly is said to be the guest from the 4th to the 7th then she will begin her own world tour with Katherine Mcphee (also NHO Category, but not for long) This is about 80% confirmed as reliable sources close to her reported it, but Kelly herself, nor her managers or handlers haven't confirmed anything yet. Would you guys like to see Kelly join the Legends tour for 3 days? And don't forget, NiNi's new album and book is releasing the same day that the 2nd part of the Legends Tour begins as apart of the #JuneReleases and so far the #JuneReleases has 19 albums added to it, including all 3 Legends, should be exciting.......Also speaking of Katherine Mcphee, she too is said to be adding herself to the #JuneReleases as she is releasing her 3rd PSR album on June 23rd (her birthday) We don't have much info besides that, but stay on the lookout for more info on her upcoming album....

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