Sunday, May 24, 2015

Amina Buddafly And Michelle Williams Each Deny Any Issues With NiNi

Yesterday, a report was released from Reliable sources that said that Amina Buddafly was apart of the #LoveandhiphopvsNiNi war and that she was number 8, and also that she is beefing with Michelle Williams, well both of those rumors aren't true. Amina posted late last night on Twitter that she isn't involved in the war and quite frankly she thinks the war is stupid 'Just want to go on record saying I have not and do not have any part in the 'foolishness' that's going on nor am I apart of this so called 'war" I mean its stupid, the woman is the CEO of the game, why go against her and risk losing everything you worked so hard for? Is it really worth it?, whatever,  just don't include me, I never met @NiNi but she seems cool, lets do lunch one day bae' She does have a point, NiNi has the power to fire every last one of them, yet they still are attacking their 'boss' and surprisingly NiNi isn't firing them, so they should be very grateful since she could do that in a split second. Michelle also denied any issues saying that the reason for the rumor is due to a leaked video which was posted online which shows the two arguing in each others face..... "The "fight" was fake, it was during rehearsals and we were acting out a comedy bit, I will be on the Legends tour starting June 1st through June 3rd and NiNi wanted to do some of her famous comedy bits and it will involve all 4 of us, I have nothing but respect for her and I am delighted to work with her as well as the other 'legends' as well :)"  That tweet also let us know she will be performing with the Legends which we had no idea about since neither one of them made any announcement about it. Can't say anyone is super excited about it, but hey, maybe she will surprise us. NiNi also confirmed that its not true posting "@Amina what up tho girl!" and #June1st #Michelle #Legends" So no beef here guys, but since Amina isn't number 8, we have no idea who the last two ladies (or maybe males?) of Love and Hip Hop are, but we're sure that we will find out soon enough. Do you guys know something I don't?, do you know who's the last two Love And Hip-Hop broads.......ahem....I mean ladies? Lemme know. P.S.....Tickets for the 2nd arm of the Legends Tour is on sale starting today, and the prices, believe it or not are much lower then the first arm, I'm talking front row seats for less then $300 when usually it's over $1,000, and the nose bleed seats are running as low as $16 from the usual $126, so people on a budget might just get to see the three Legends (and Michelle) in show so head over to get your tickets before they're all sold out.(and trust me they will be quick). June 1st 2nd and 3rd shows will be in Houston, Atlanta, and Miami, and you can purchase those tickets here. The full schedule will be released on NiNi's official site sometime this week, so keep going back for updates and find out when they are coming to your state/city.....

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