Sunday, May 31, 2015

Keke Back + Olivia And NiNi Attempting A "Erica Dixon"??

After 2 months of maternity leave Miss Keke Palmer is back to PSR,  She was welcomed by tons of fans in front of the building snapping pics and waving. Her hair has grown back a considerable amount (unless of  course it's a offense) and she was looking pretty cute. Sources say that although it's her first day back and she hasn't been doing anything for over 2 months, she picked right back up where she left off and she already had a lot of material done before she left and she is now gathering up all that unreleased material and putting together her 5th PSR album and she has so much done that probably will be apart of the #JuneReleases. Welcome back miss Keke Looking Forward to new material from you. In other news it's said that Olivia is pulling a "Erica Dixon Move" which means she's offering up a peace treaty to Nini. That isn't confirmed right now and Olivia and her handlers aren't responding to our requests.  Does this mean only 5 will be remaining? Guess we'll just have to see....Click here to read the article from a super reliable source which details in full Olivia's alleged treaty offering. ..

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