Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Every Broad At PSR Is A Thot"

That's the phrase heard by Tahiry earlier when she was asked how she feels about NiNi and PSR.  She said "I don't think anything of any of them,  the males are talented as hell the females are a mess man, every broad at PSR is a Thot" Naturally many PSR chick's fired back including T, Demi, Reggie, Nina, Kelly Rowland, KC, Kelly Clarkson and Alex but Tahiry responded to them as if they were nothing posting "y'all and your little fans can kiss my black ass and the hole lol did y'all get your feelings hurt?" So this seems to be turning from NiNi VS Love And Hip Hop to PSR VS Love And Hip Hop and that means it's about to be even more drama. Nini hasn't responded to her statement yet, in fact, NiNi hasnt been responding to anything lately but the PSR women in fact are and they aren't happy.  Click here to see Tahirys statement and click here to see the responses from the lovely ladies at PSR. .....

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