Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wayne Goes At Beith...Again.....Subs At NiNi?

The drama between Beith and Wayne continues......Today Weezy sat down for an interview with TMZ and they asked him about his plans for a new album, his departure from Cash Money and the situation with him and Beith. When he was asked about him, he replied: "Man don't ask me about that man, he ain't worth my breath fuck that Nigga on some real, his fetti ain't where mine is, he ain't nowhere on my level, what the hell am I gonna spend my time talking about him for, he a nobody man next question" Even the interviewer was shocked, and then she pissed him off by putting Beith up in a positive way saying "But he's not a signed artist yet he has more fans then alot of signed artists and his music is blowing up in the industry even though its unsigned music....."he cut her off and said "Look I ain't come here to talk about this nigga, ain't this Lil Wayne's interview, where up there do you see his fucking name?, you on his dick? then get that nigga in here, don't fucking talk to me about him, music? fans? who gives a fuck, motherfuckers only fucking with him because we all know who he's fucking with..... fuck outta here, talk to me when his shit tops my shit then we'll talk OK". He was pretty much screaming at her, and you can tell she was scared, and she quickly changed the subject after that. Not only that, but he was in a new song with Chanel West Coast called "Haters" Chanel doesn't appear to be subbing at anyone, but when Wayne's verse drops he seems to be subbing at the queen, with a line that is extremely similar to him and Baby's song dissing Jay-Z, he raps "Niggas is bitch, my nigga you got that lazy money, kidnap your bitch get that how much you love your lady money, shorty on my dick cuz you can't hit that shit, I'll have her seeing stars if she wanna get rich" Many think that is aimed at NiNi AND Beith, but it's really not confirmed and it could just be a line. Usually if someone disses someone in another artists song, its assumed that artist might be beefing as well, and the N's and the B's (That's Beith's fans apparently) attacked Ms West Coast, but she quickly denied it tweeting "I know nothing about any beef, the song is entertainment and whatever issues any individual has with another, I'm not in it, I keep away from drama, and whatever was in the song was not in no way my knowledge of anything good or bad, because I don't follow that crap, so please understand that xoxoxo" Still the fans continue to bash her, Wayne and Young Money in defense of the hip-hop power couple. Click here to see him bashing Beith on camera during his interview, and Click here to check out Chanel's new song with the possible NiNi/Beith sub. Do you guys think it's a sub?

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johnny1 said...

I wish he take his bulldog looking ass and go sit down somewhere