Saturday, May 16, 2015

NiNi Releases First Song In 3 Months + LWN Review

After 3 months of not hearing a song from the queen, she has finally released what is said to be the first single from her upcoming album which is due June 1st. The song has a hard hitting baseline and knocks heavy wit bass, the kind of bass that will shatter a cars window if you have it real loud. It is produced by J.Cole and Just Blaze and it features Ty Dolla Sign chopped n screwed on the hook. The song is called "Victory' and at this point in the queen's life, that title is appropriate. NiNi raps on it and does amazing, and she brings out her famous 'Superflow' where she raps extremely fast to the point your brain is working overtime trying to keep up. It stole the top of the charts within 30 minutes of dropping and it has the streets and the industry on fire. NiNi announced it on FB posting #VICTORY #BRANDNEW" Instantly people rushed to hear it. Click here to check out 'Victory' by NiNi. In other news, last night season 3 episode 7 of LWN premiered and it was suspenseful and much more drama filled then usual. I won't give much away but we may not be seeing Tyga at PSR anymore. It was many fights, mostly in house and we got to get more info with the Love And Hip Hop drama and find out more on how and why it started, and the reasons will probably shock you. NiNi gets into many arguments in house and out house and she is seen crying at one point because of all the stress she is under and even talks about quitting and dropping everything. We are left in suspense when it ends to find out if Tyga will be leaving, if NiNi is quitting and everything else that went on. Indeed much much drama. You can click here to check out clips from last night's episode. And don't forget to tune in next Friday at 9pm for a new episode.....

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