Monday, May 18, 2015

Jamie Lynn Spears Announces 1st PSR Album

JLS has been at PSR less then 2 months now, and she has been on a roll. Most people who been at PSR in that short amount of time have released one, maybe 2 songs, but Jamie has released 15 so far so the girl works fast and she is clearly not about to get into the 'never heard of' category anytime soon (hope I'm not speaking too soon)  and now she announced that she is releasing her 1st PSR album in June. The #MAYCATEGORY is still in effect and it's starting on the 20th which is Wednesday and that is Tinashe. But now since alot of people are announcing a June album, including the queen, a new hashtag is being called #JUNERELEASES' Jamie's first album is said to be titled 'Maggie' which is her daughters name, but other sources report different titles, so we don't know exactly what the title is, and Jamie hasn't given a title as of yet but whatever the title is, it's extremely anticipated and has the industry buzzing. It's set to be released through PSR records on June 15th and so far we have 8 albums due for release in June, including NiNi and India Benet. Check out Jamie's album announcement tweet here.....Speaking of Jamie, she was also spotted leaving a coffee shop with Austin Mahone, which is prompting rumors that she may be cheating on her husband since they were a little too close for comfort. Click here to see what I mean.....

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