Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Iggy Pissed At Rita Ora

Did you guys see the show last night? Well if you didn't, NiNi and the other two "legends" put on a show last night in New York Just to promote the 2nd arm of the brand new "Legends Tour" coming June 1st starting in Miami. But obviously there was a mixup and the legend trio had a special guest, but obviously it was 2 and both thought that it was them and at first Iggy came out, but then Rita came out and they all looked awkward at each other, but after a small brief exchange Rita stopped the music and hit up the crowd and asked him who they would rather see and after pointing to Iggy the crowd went sort of wild, but when she said "OK what about me?" The crowd went super loud, Iggy looked super mad, and Rita mouthed the words "So get out" NiNi saw how they both were looking at each other and that a fight was about to break out so she got in between them and Rita blew Iggy a kiss in  that sarcastic female type of way and Iggy rolled her eyes and NiNi said something in her ear and escorted her backstage and Rita is the one who was the special guest and performed with them. Sources close to Iggy and her manager says that Iggy was the confirmed special guest and Rita stole it, and since she was in the middle of a show, NiNi just basically put it off and said whatever in order not to make a scene, but she did discipline Rita since she wasn't even invited. Is it unknown if Rita did that on purpose to outshine Iggy, or if she genuinely thought she was the guest. We were not aware of any issues between Iggy and Rita, but it seems like there is now, as Iggy tweeted about it posting "Bitch  tryna steal my shine last night at the @Legendsshow, you can  never steal my shit you wench!" Rita replied posting "How can I steal something that you never and will never have? #BOOGIEBITCH" Yup, the famous #PSRPACT came and went and due to all the in house beefs, I think its safe to say that pact is officially dead. The incident was captured on video from a fan. Click here to see the awkward moment where Rita stole Iggy's moment which inspired the hashtag #Stolehershine" P.S speaking of Rita and Iggy, they both are in the "Never heard of" category which is sad because they both are mega talented, but they both are determined to get out of it, as they are working extra hard and sources say they both will be releasing a new album soon, which will be Iggy's second and Rita's 4th, so be on  the lookout for that......But look like these ex friends and new "frienemies" are not cool anymore, looks like their collab song last year predicted the future, anyone knows what the means?

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