Sunday, May 24, 2015

NiNi's New Movie Drops Tomorrow

We all saw the trailer and got excited about it right? well now it's time to see it officially and get double excited because tomorrow memorial day NiNi's new horror movie is releasing.  Strange thing is though,  even though it's releasing tomorrow we still don't have a title. YeA theres A Trailer but even the trailer doesn't give a name it just said "Coming Soon". Some media officials report that the title is "Don't Blink" others say it's "Don't look back" but we don't know definitely what the title is. Guess we'll find out tomorrow when it releases.  The first theatre it's releasing at is NiNi's theatre in AC then it hits theatrea worldwide.  The Knowles sisters are confirmed to be main cast members as well as a lot of names we know well.  Click here for more info about the movie.  And don't forget to go check out her new movie tomorrow!

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