Friday, May 15, 2015

Rollin With The Evans Cancelled After Only One Season

Bad news guys, BET has cancelled NiNi's popular animated cartoon show "Rollin With The Evans" After only one season.  The show which generated billions of viewers every week, was the most popular show on the BET network so the reason why it was canceled is not fully understood but we expect it probably has to do alot with ratings. But nini isn't mad she even tweeter thanking all the fans for the support and even thanked Bet for their support and the animators.  Click here to read more about the cancelation and click here to see ninis 3 page tweet about the show and her thanks.  "The show was alot of fun and it wouldn't be where it's at if not for you I love you guys" (That was some of her tweet message)


johnny1 said...

Well that sucks

johnny1 said...

We should start a petition to get that bsck on the air