Sunday, May 17, 2015

Celebrity Crushes; Towards The Wrong People


Rich Dollaz
Its two people who are crushing against the wrong people of the music game, and the main reason why they're the wrong people to be crushing on is not the fact that they both are insanely jealous of each other, they are MARRIED. I'm talking about NiNi and Beith. BUT....the real question is are these two just on some bullshit and trying to start something? We ask that because the two people who are crushing on them is from Love And Hip-Hop, and we all know the drama NiNi is in with those people, so we're wondering if they're just adding this as apart of the beef, or if its real. Nonetheless, here's what we know; The chick who has a major crush on Beith is none other then Somaya Reece who was asked in an interview who is her main crush? She replied 'You know Beith? (yes) well it's him, the things I would do that kid wouldn't be legal (laughs) but yeah that's the major crush right there and probably always will be'' When she was told 'but he's married' she replied 'And'? Next up is Rich Dollaz (isn't he married or engaged?) anyways, he didn't do an interview, he let his feelings be known through social media. He first posted a pic from 2011 when he and NiNi took a pic backstage at her show with the caption of "Finest chick in the game, finger licking good' Then a short while later, he posted this on Twitter; "Special shout out to the greatest entertainer who ever walked this miserable earth @NiNi, BIGGEST CRUSH! #youwantit? #youcangetit #anytime #dirtymind" His tweet received over 400,000 likes, but alot of 'BINI' fans(That's NiNi and Beith combined) didn't appreciate it and they attacked him in their comments and called him disrespectful, a home wrecker among other things. Somaya was also attacked by angry BINI fans through social media. Neither one has responded. Sources close to Somaya say that she told one of her friends that she and Beith had sex on more then one occasion, but the friend didn't believe it until Somaya showed her a journal with all the details and dates. Another source claims that Rich Dollaz crush is not one sided, its in fact MUTUAL. Both Somaya and Rich have been contacted to try and get this figured out more, but they have been unavailable for comment according to their reps. So is this real? or are they just playing up more drama to add to the beef to make those two upset? Regardless, its a huge topic in the industry and making headlines everywhere. NiNi has also been contacted but hasn't responded as of yet. But Rasheeda (another member) did reach out. If you guys remember, she and NiNi were in a short beef back in 2012, but since then they have made up and even collabed together and she spoke up about this on twitter simply posting @Somaya @Richdollaz FOH lol' Does that mean she knows they are bluffing or is she referring to something else? Regardless, we don't like where this is going. Stay tuned guys, trust me this is everywhere so there will be tons more info on it, and its huge and many people are already saying how cute Beith and Somaya goes, and how cute NiNi and Rich goes,so people do believe it obviously so its big. Its a developing story we'll get you more info soon.......

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