Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Marques Houston Dropped From PSR + Jhene Aiko Still At NiNi

We have word that Marques Houston was dropped from PSR today. Marques was largely in the 'never heard of' category and we feel that that's the reason he was dropped, although sources say that he was dropped due to 'poor album sales' He released his first PSR album late last year and 5 months later, he has only sold 250,000 copies, which isn't bad for a first album, but add that to laziness and you get no work done, and we feel that's the real reason why he was fired and the album thing is just an addition to that. Marques was asked how he feels about being dropped and he said 'like I just lost someone close to me" But he also revealed that it's no hard feelings and it was a business decision not a personal one, and that he regrets that he wasn't able to grow with the label. But for every person who gets dropped and remains on good terms with the boss and the label, there is one who doesn't and that one right now is Jhene Aiko. A couple months ago, Jhene claimed she was fired for "Absolutely no reason' and that NiNi owes her over $20,000 for royalties and sales as well as an extra 5,000 for dropping her less then a year for no reason, which she claims the contract states quote that "all artists who are terminated must be presented with a valid reason for their termination, and if no such reason exists and the termination happens before 12 months that an artist has been signed, the owner and/or CEO agrees to pay that artist a fee no less than $5,000 in addition to any other gat6hered costs" end quote. She has hired professional lawyers to gather the money owed to her, however NiNi stated that she is owed no money because she was fired with cause, and the termination was explained to her and she had good reason to let her go, but Jhene's lawyers aren't buying into it, and they are suing her for the full 20,000 for stress related damages, royalties, sales and unfair treatment such as not being promoted enough but getting fired when she isn't doing much work, as well as being fired less then a year for no reason. It is unknown when NiNi'S court date is, but the N's have been attacking Jhene all day, but they aren't bothering her at all, she even laughed at them over Twitter posting "LOL Y'all so called "ns' are so funny to me, remind me to laugh again later, or if I have a caring break to care about y'all lmao" NiNi hasn't responded to this new set of events as of yet. Many feel Jhene is taking this all to far, on top of the beef she has with NiNi, now she's suing her and last thing NiNi needs is more stress in her life. Stay tuned for more info on this. Click here to see Marquess's response to being dropped. And click here to read all about the war between Jhene and NiNi.....

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