Saturday, May 30, 2015

NiNi's Statement Towards The Love And Hip-Hop Drama, Accepts Erica Peace Treaty

A statement has released by NiNi talking about the Love And Hip-Hop war and how she doesn't really know most of them, and she is sick of hearing about it. She also mentioned that she will accept Erica's peace treaty. Click here to hear her audio. Erica heard the statement and she agreed with her that the war is getting ridiculous and that was her reason for just wanting to end it and never looked back. Although some artists do sit down face to face and sign an actually peace treaty together, but this treaty was a verbal treaty, and since NiNi accepted it on her statement, she signed it verbally, and earlier after Erica heard it, she too signed it verbally saying "OK it's peace" So looks like Yandy and Erica are two who are out of it and no longer beefing with NiNi.  Who's next? it's 6 more now (7 if you still think its a number 9) but its a slowly but surely start to ending the Love And Hip-Hop Vs NiNi war.

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