Thursday, May 14, 2015

Did T Get Booted From The "Legends" Tour? NiqNiq Replacement?


Rumor has it that Tinashe was kicked off the legends tour by NiNi for unknown reasons, which isn't a smart move since they are already into the 2nd arm of their tour and lots of revenue will be lost for both sides, but rumor also has it that NiqNiq will be replacing her, which is also weird since she's on her own tour, so that will pretty much triple her busy schedule. This comes at a time to where so many fans paid for their next round of shows starting in VA on the 1st, and although many PSR fans love Niq Niq, that's not who they paid to see, so switching her up now seemed to be a mistake. But then again, this is still not a confirmed thing, so we can't be absolutely sure about it, but many sources report that Tinashe signed herself away from the "legendary trio" due to "issues" with China, but since we never ever heard about any drama between "T" and "C" we can't be sure on that either. Commercials are still advertising the upcoming round of shoes, and it's still showing T as one of the headliners, so either they didn't get around to pulling the commercial and stop it from airing, or it's just a rumor. What do you guys think? Did you hear, or do you know something that I don't? (if that's even possible)

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