Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hello! The Queens Spotted Exiting Studio Together

So are the rumors true? Are the two bestie queens finally gonna collab after more then a year? Well maybe.  Today they were spotted exiting "Dirty South Productions" which is a upscale studio in Houston TX that B uses constantly and they both were asked if they are doing anything together, and although they just smiled waved and didn't answer we feel that both of them coming out of the studio together is proof enough, otherwise why would they be in the studio together?  If they are working on a project together,  for some reason their lips are sealed and they aren't talking and we don't know why.  But hopefully it's true and we hope to hear something from them two soon. Click here to see footage of them exiting the studio and going out their way to avoid the paps. #QueensReunite.....

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