Wednesday, May 13, 2015

OMG Girlz Split Officially.

Beauty left the OMG Girlz to pursue a solo career which she has been doing amazing with, but now the entire group has split but as we learned from their tweet, it was mutual and not because they're on bad terms as many reported and that although they're splitting they will remain at PSR together and will be doing solo careers.  Beauty also announced that they will sometime in the future record a song together and that we can expect a new single from her soon. Star and babydoll are said to be recording their first ever PSR solo album as well. Click here to check out their tweet. RIP to the OMG Girlz. do you guys feel about their split?


johnny1 said...

They were bound to split up sooner or later they hardly work with each other anymore even before they split they were doing solo projects

johnny1 said...

That's an old ass pic

johnny1 said...

So random. ..