Thursday, May 21, 2015

And The Winner Is................*DRUM ROLL*

CICI!!!!!!! Yup, the big dance off event kicked off this morning at 11am, and it was filled with thousands of fans all ready to watch and see who gets crowned 'best dancer" The competition was set up just like a real dance competition with real dance judges and they were judged just like they were on Dancing With The Stars and the judges based on originality, freshness and creativity. The show started a little late on account of the rain, but after it was decided that it wasn't severe enough to damper anything and after some goofy antics from the 3 performers (they were being goofy and throwing french fries at each other and stuff like that) the event began to over 5,000 screaming cheering fans. The first person to go was queen N. The judges flipped on her hottest dance track "Move" and the crowd went wild. The rules were: 1 minute a piece for each dancer, no repetitive dances and no plagiarizing (that means copying) anyone Else's dance moves, had to be all original. Pretty simple rules right. Well NiNi began dancing and she did real good, she did some twerking, and a bunch of other complicated things that she usually does in her videos and on stage, NiNi makes up her own dances all the time so she got serious points for originality for that, and we think she may have made some up as she was going and they all looked dope. At the minute mark the bell sounded and she ended it with a twist on the famous "Jerk' and went into her version of the dougie and she received a huge applause from the fans. The judges held up their score cards, 2 judges gave a 9 and one judge gave an 8 and NiNi, out of breath smiled, bowed and walked backstage. After about 10 minutes, the next performer was up and that was queen B. They went back and they threw on her song 'Sweet Dreams' but just the bass line of it and she received a huge applause. She started when the clock started and she did her famous moves that we're all used to seeing in her videos, but with a different twist on most of them. When the bell rang she finished with a short twerk and a laugh and the audience cheered loud. The judges debated for a minute and put up their score card and 2 judges gave her a 8.5 and one judge gave her a 9. She smiled, blew a kiss and walked backstage. The crowd continue cheering and chanting. Last was CiCi who was brought out about 10 minutes later. The once again went back to her now famous song 'Goodies' to which she laughed and mouthed the words 'no they didn't go there' . The bell rang and she began busting it, this that and the third, the lady was all over the place, she was twerking, jerking, even the dumb ass 'stanky leg' (I'm so glad that that fell out) she did to perfection. One thing she did that the other 2 didn't do is flip, she did backflips and front flips and a couple splits. The bell rang and she finished it off and ran up the wall, put her foot on it and did a backflip off the wall, and its obvious CiCi really practiced and rehearsed for her performance. She did get slightly hurt however when she sprained her ankle running up the wall, but t the recent mommy proves that having a baby hasn't killed those famous dance moves she got. The crowd went wild and she went backstage. 2 judges gave her 9.5, the other gave her a a solid 10. Then they all were brought back out, stood next to each other and were judged. The judges gave each one by one a review of their performance and their strengths and weaknesses. Then it was time for the fans to vote. They said 'Is it NiNi?!!! The crowd went super loud, then, 'Is It B'?! The crowd went slightly louder but pretty much the same, then, "IS IT CICI??! The crowd went louder then ever and they said "CICI IS THE WINNER!!!" The other two hugged her and congratulated her and took the bow with her. CiCi received the best dancer trophy (yes that's a real thing) and the crown. After the dance off, the three hung out with fans for a little while, signed things, took pics and acted goofy. They all did amazing, but some say B didn't win because she's getting bigger (as in thicker) and so is NiNi, and CiCi got skinnier so you finish the rest, but regardless it was a great event and they all did amazing. The event was over in about an hour and a half despite the rain, fans got to see hot dancing and enjoy themselves. They all left in a limo, and NiNi is scheduled to have a signing later in in ATL. Click here to see all 3 have their famous "Dance Off" (Video is about 38 minutes long)

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