Saturday, May 16, 2015

KP And Tay Still At It

  While Tay is trying to make peace with PSR and succeeding with most of them, it's others who are still feeling salty towards her and one of those people besides Miss Demi and Lena   is Katy Perry. Their beef has been going on since December of last year and their beef is the reason nini was added to it. Although it calmed down alot between them, it's still sub hits here and there. Like example: Katy posted a pic showing her love of cats and all 3 of her cats were snuggled up with her on her bed with the caption"Luv my babez" Shortly after Tay posted a similar pic as if she was mocking her. In the pic she's laying on the bed with what looks to be like fake cats and she's dresses like a dork and making a weird face maybe implying that that's how katy looked in the pic. She even imitated the caption "I Luv how my cats look" Clearly subbing at her and its the first in a while, but how does Katy feel about it? The answer: she doesn't.  She was asked if she saw the mock photo and she said "yeah just shows her age doesn't bother me it's cute..... teenagers these days" Tay didn't respond to that comment but clearly these two are not done like everyone hoped since they were so quiet and we feel that it's more to come, don't you guys? Click here to see KPs original pic and the mock photo by Taylor. 

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