Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lena Releases Long Awaited New Song + Sevyn Streeter About To Release Mixtape


Selena Gomez Released  A New Song Today titled 'Sweat It Out' It's a hardcore sex song which she is doing more and more and listening to that song reminds us of listening to NiNi or Jacki-O song, just without all the cusses but she does well and even though it's  rated R, it doesn't go overboard like most sex songs go. The song is produced by Mya and K Swiss and has a nice pop-hop beat and vibe. She does no cursing on the song but still keeps it x rated by describing sexual situations in graphic detail which is keeping people satisfied. Of course some people, mainly the ones who are against any type of music besides country music, are bashing the song calling it disrespectful and sending a bad message to young women, but Lena had a message for those people posting 'Young girls, old girls, what does it matter, everyone is doing it with or without songs like mine, do you honestly think if we never make another song their behavior would stop and sex would no longer exist? I honestly feel instead of bitching about what I do so much, talk to your kids because believe me they gonna find out with or without the music boo-bye!!!"Click here to check out the controversial yet amazing song which is now at the number 2 spot 'Sweat It Out' by Lena. In other news, Sevyn Streeter has announced she is releasing her 1st PSR mixtape this month by the end of the month. She just released her highly successful album a few months ago, which is still doing amazing, so this new mixtape is very anticipated. Sources say the mixtape is due to be released on either the 29th or 30th which is next week, so be on the lookout for that. And don't forget, NiNi's new movie will be in theatres on the 25th which is Monday, click here to see the trailer.....

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