Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ye Has His Personal Laptop Stolen, 3Some On The Hard Drive??

@Nicolebitche was the first to run this story and Ye had his personal laptop stolen and it was confirmed by his longtime friend Yusef and then by Ye abd Kim themselves Who all tweeted about it. But the stolen laptop isn't what YE is worrying about, apparently, the person who stole it hacked into his hard drive and discovered new music pictures designs blah blah, but he or she also discovered a video of a threesome with his wife Kim and a blonde model who is unknown but ALLEGEDLY looks like runway model "Nina Stokes" Ye and Kim are reported to be devastated at this and being that the laptop is no longer in their possession, it's not much they can do about it and when a celeb can't get what they want or do anything about something, they get frustrated. Ye and Kim both also confirmed it but they didn't mention the "supposed" threesome sex tape. Ye posted "I got investigators looking into my laptop getting jacked by thirsty thieves, when I find you it's on" Kim tweeted "what can you possibly hope to gain by stealing from someone else it's sickening #thirsty" It's said that the thief Is planning on selling the threesome sex tape sometime soon and Ye's snitch says that if it gets out it will hurt his career  (I don't see why, shit who wouldn't want to do their wife and another chick while she's doing another chick too? )Sorry. Anyways. It's said that Ye is working hard to get that laptop back, and if he's going that turnt up to get it back it must be a real reason for it #KIMYE3WAY (New hashtag)


johnny1 said...

Lol Johnny stupid, but I agree how can that hurt his career everyone experiments with different thing and how can it hurt her so called "career" she's famous for that anyway and all chicks have an urge for other pussy, no matter what these hoes say

johnny1 said...

That was the most idiotic comment I ever read

johnny1 said...

And so is your screen name