Thursday, March 5, 2015

Selena And Kat Tension Over A Word + Christina Milian Says She Wants Back At PSR

So who's the person that created the new word "Swaggy" Well many say it was first said by Selena in a song, others say Kat first used the term in an interview. First off let me apologize for this post because I even know it's hella ridiculous, and its amazing what people will beef over. Anyways, the term "Swaggy" is something we all have been hearing for the longest, and many people use it, its the same as having swag, but it's basically just hella extra swag when you say "swaggy" but 2 women from the same team are bickering about who created the word. Today Selena posted a pic of herself over insta with a shirt that says "swaggy" and Kat responded "@Selena nice shirt, where's my paycheck tho" Selena later responded saying "what?" Kat later responded to the general public on twitter saying "Who here knows the word "swaggy"? It's cuz of me, I created that word, when I saw Lena rocking the shirt I was on my Nicki shit like OK can I get my cut tho, you selling shirts using my word so like I said can I get my paycheck" She is referring to a similar situation where Nicki and young money artist Christina Milian got into a small war because Christina rocked a shirt that says "Pretty On Fleek" which Nicki first mentioned in the remix to Beyonces "Flawless" and nick claims the rights to that word. Chris responded saying she's been saying that for years and she didn't create that word, but after a while Chris posted "not trying to down talk anyone you know I'm not with that still love you @NickiMinaj" Nick responded "It's all good Babe @Christina Milian" They buried the hatchet and ended it, but Kat and Selena don't seem to be doing that. After Kat's post Lena responded posting "Amazing how a word that you didn't even create can bring that ratchetness out, all my real fans tell me who gave birth to that word I mean for real, if she want it then take it, I ain't about to bitch over a word but don't claim something that you never would've said if it wasn't for me, I ain't even getting paid for creating the new hottest word so why the fuck should you? wth baby really?" Kat and some of her fans didn't appreciate her comments and because she used the word "ratchetness" many took her comment as racist but since we all know Lena ain't racist nobody is even worrying about that, Kat is though. She responded "take that racist bullshit back to the trailer park where you come from ma, I ain't about that bullshit and twitter war, if you wanna be me just say so, you tryna get rich off of some shit that came out of my mouth and tryna claim it, that's some weak stuff mama, it's all good, just gimme my credit" They were in a mini twitter war but it didn't last long since they both signed off at the same time. Looks like the famous #PSRPact is over. Neither have been available for comment yet. So who actually created "swaggy" we follow certain trends but that's the dumbest new word ever, right next to "thirsty" or "fetti" but we think Lena created the word, but hey we can be wrong. Do you guys know who actually created that dumb ass word?  Speaking of Lena, is "Jelena" back? That's Justin and Lena, some say they are after they were spotted Together over the weekend. Do you think they are? In other news, Christina Milian was signed to PSR for only 4 months, but was dropped for what is still unknown and now she wants back in. She did an interview saying how ymcmb isn't treating her right as far as her contract and says the best label in the world as far as talent and fairness is PSR and she quote "Is dying to go back" Are you guys looking to see Chris go back to psr? Click here to view her interview.

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