Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nini Fires Current Manager, You Won't Believe Who She Hired.......Supposedly

Johnny, the manager of Nini for her entire career has been fired for unknown reasons, but what's even more shocking is who's his replacement. It's a little 12 year old boy and guess his name:, It's "Johnny" Sources report that Johnny screamed to Nini "you can't hire a 12 year old to be your manager" and they reportedly screamed at the same time "WHY NOT!!!!" Many people say that Nini is going crazy, we're not agreeing with that, we're sure she has her reasons, but we are curious to why a A lister huge mega name like Nini would hire a 12 year old white kid to be her manager because let's face it, its a little weird don't ya think? We reaches out to Nini a short while ago and age said "Johnny you know I love you, but not now ok" Of Course I respected the queen and backed off, but we are hoping that we can get a word with the queen soon about this crazy situation because usually you don't see grown celebs being managed by kids so it's definitely a huge story and an eye opener. But other sources report that none of this is true, who knows, we can oblu know the real deal if the queen blesses us with an interview. Will she? Let's hope so. ...Click here to see the picture of the little boy who is rumored to be Nini's new manager.


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johnny1 said...

That's a midget in a suit wtf Nini I kno u ain't go out like that