Sunday, March 8, 2015

NiNi Is Directing A Movie

PSR has some of the best musicians in the world , but Platinum Sound Records is not just a major record label, it is also a talent agency and a movie agency and most famous for "Platinum Cinema's" which has produced 4 successful movies so far, and one upcoming one. But the talk of the industry now is that NiNi will be directing a new movie. It is unknown if NiNi will also be starring in the movie. Most of the details involving the movie are also unknown as far as the cast and plot, but it is known that Mexican 5 Time Emmy Award Winning Actress Salma Hayek will be starring in the movie, in fact she's the reason why we even know about the movie as she tweeted "Big News, I am now picked up to play in one of #PSRCINEMAS movies, so happy! you have no idea, shout to @QueenN" Sources close to Jessica Lowndes (who is not gone from PSR by the way) say that she also will be starring in the upcoming movie but no word from Jessica has confirmed that yet. We are excited because whether as an actress or director, NiNi's movies are always A list and bomb. We are still digging for more info on this new upcoming movie, which has the world in chaos. NiNi and her handlers are unavailable for comment......

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