Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kylie Declares Her Girl Crush, NiNi Responds, Kendall Responds Too + Tay Raps To Nini And Nick's Song

Kylie & Kendall

Tyga may be Kylie's guy crush, but just like all her other sisters (including Kendall) she is into women and she has a girl crush, and that crush is none other then NiNi. NiNi and the Jenner's, including Kris and Bruce, have had a very rocky relationship with her for a while basically because NiNi didn't like  them, so for Kylie to announce NiNi as her girl crush is making us think they may be cool now, not only because of her though, but because the response that NiNi gave which we'll get to in a minute. Kylie posted "They asked me who's my male crush and no hesitation @TYGA! Then they asked "Who's your chick crush", many thoughts went through my head, but only one stuck out and that's @QueenN 4real tho" Of course, everyone has a crush on the queen, male or female, so this isn't new nor is it news, but being that it's Kylie out of all people, this is front page news, being  that those two were once enemies. But what's even more shocking is what NiNi tweeted back. She first retweeted Kylie's original post, then she tweeted @Kylie Lol, wow, well, thank you,I'd rather it be you then Kendall" Then Kylie responded posting @NiNi lol" NiNi straight up dissed Kendall,  and her own blood sister laughed at it, but Kendall responded to them, and Kendall and Kylie are said to be at war, a little more then just the normal sibling war, mainly because its said that Kylie has way more attention then her, and Kendall doesn't feel she deserves that much since she doesn't do as much as the other sisters, and NiNi posting that just added to it and she responded "@NiNi @Kylie HUH???" Then an hour late she posted "If anything, I would say anyone should like me more then the other one, I'm not hating I'm just being real" Kylie responded "Ugh some people are so pathetic" NiNi never responded to Kendall. Did NiNi just create a bigger war between the Jenner sisters? Sources close to NiNi say she was just joking when she replied to Kylie and they insist that NiNi and the Jenner sister have put their issues aside and they are cool, and she is also cool with the Kardashians, but  this was just a joke gone wrong since Kendall took it to the head, and NiNi didn't respond because she didn't want to cause any issues between sisters since she has a sister and she doesn't want to be a cause in anyway for sisters breaking up. But regardless, we feel her "joke" tweet caused way more issues, mainly because we, and many others feel that Kendall also has a girl crush on NiNi, and when she saw that tweet from NiNi, she got upset and jealous because she would rather NiNi say she prefers her over Kylie, yeah pretty much just a big ass crazy mess. Click here to see the drama unfold over 2 simple tweets. Sources say that NiNi and Kylie are real cool, not besties, but close, but Kendall is still out of the loop since she is the one who called NiNi tacky back in her 2011 video post, Kylie never said anything wrong about her, she just blamed them both. But they snapped a quick selfie the other day at the Legends Tour before they went on stage which proved that its no more issues which is so good to see. We would love to see Kylie, Kendall and NiNi all hanging out together, but who knows if we'll ever get that. In other news, Tay seems to be trying to get in good with PSR and she posted a video to YouTube rapping  to NiNi and Nicki's newest song "Going Down Under" and she rapped pretty good (I know y'all hate her, but I ain't gonna lie), she cut out the N words by covering her mouth,  and at the end she said "man that gotta be the best song ever really, Its stuck in my head so very talented queens, shoutout  to Nicki and NiNi" NiNi and Nicki haven't responded to the video yet. Nicki and Tay used to be real cool before this war, and even went on tour together when Nick was still signed to Young Money, so paying respect to Nick is cool to see, and being that Tay and NiNi were the bitterest of enemies and she is now rocking out and rapping her song for the world to see, is pretty cool and it shows that their war is officially OVER, Question is, will they be cool, or at least collabing soon? Would you like to see a PSR and Tay collab? We won't lie, we would, NiNi is the queen of the music game, Tay is the queen of Country music, it makes sense for those two to collab....right?

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