Wednesday, March 4, 2015


We all know that NiNi has had issues with TMZ since she started her career, mainly because they attack her viciously more then anyone else, and today they felt her rage when they called her a "Ratchet" For those who don't know, a ratchet is basically a hood rat, and although the real reason for them calling her that is unknown, its said that NiNi posted a video of her twerking to a Katy Perry song on Insta, and her room looked a little messy, and TMZ posted the video on their site and captioned it "#Hoodratofthemonth #ratchet" And  they posted 'This is what happens when those food stamps ain't come yet, and you gotta do what you gotta do to make that money' NiNi wasn't happy at all about those comments and neither were her fans who called TMZ's comments racist and offensive. But NiNi went off. She tweeted @TMZ who the fuck you calling ratchet? Man I swear on my life, my kids, my sister my everything that I will fucking hurt every last one of you fucks over there. All you people do is fuck with people, y'all have no life, so y'all try to get one by getting up in everyone Else's, I'm not one to be all cocky and shit but I swear none of y'all wanna get on the real level with me, I'll fuck you and your life over and over, and that bitch @Barbara, keep talking your little shit about me you fucking fake scooby doo looking Elmer Fudd talking ass broad, I promise you the worse bitch, if y'all ever mention me in that way again your body parts will be splattered in different parts of the world #doyallthinkimplaying" Her outburst caused them to issue an apology on their site posting "To the recent comments that were made earlier, we would like to issue an apology to NiNi, it was originally a joke, but the post was unapproved by the entire staff at TMZ. We are dealing with the staff member who posted the post without permission, and we apologize to anyone who was offended" NiNi replied "They're Mad Zeroes" which means they are all "Zeroes' and is also an abbreviation of TMZ (They're. Mad. Zeroes") This is a war that has been going on for years and at least 5 times, NiNi has either assaulted one of their teams, or smashed their camera's, so they don't have a good vibe with her, and on many occasions, she has let it be known publicly that she can't stand them. TMZ has removed the post from their site, but it was screen grabbed and you can view it here.

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