Monday, March 2, 2015

NiNi Sent To Hospital + Lena New Song And New Album

Multiple sources report that NiNi has been rushed to the hospital after number 5 (China) discovered her on the floor of her office breathing heavy and sweating hard and talking crazy, and China called the ambulance. She was rushed to UCLA medical center where her condition is unknown. NiNi Performed last night in Savannah Georgia and she seemed fine, so now people are worried and China has been with her all day. *Update* Doctors say that NiNi collapsed due to exhaustion and she is 100% fine, many celebs work very hard and get no sleep and no food since they're touring so much and other things, and NiNi is the face of that., After doctors gave her muscle relaxants and fed her some food and she took a short nap, she was fine, and they will be letting her go soon., so NiNi is fine and apparently, she is still keeping her show tonight in Atlantic City NJ as she posted "Sorry for the scare guys, I guess I just don't take care of myself as much as I should, that's my main problem, but thanks for the support, A.C see you guys tonight!!" Good to know that the queen is OK and about to be performing tonight. Click here for video of their show last night. In other news, Lena has a new song out called "Problems" Really nice song, click here to check it out......And speaking of her, she is releasing her 5th PSR album sometime next month, we're excited about that, are you guys?

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