Friday, March 20, 2015

Selena New Song + Who's The Second Artist To Forgive Tay?

Today a new song released by Lena Ft Fallout Boy called "Hot Tub" Pretty cool song which combines her signature pop style with pop hop. It is produced by "Scott Storch. It also is co-produced by NiNi. It is number 7 on the charts so far. Click here to check out "Hot Tub" by Lena Ft Fall Out Boy. In other news, the PSR VS TAY war has been over for a few weeks now and so far only one psr artist has forgiven her besides Nini and that's nicki. But another person has forgiven her also and that's Kat. She posted a pic of her and Tay posing and hugging with the caption #NoMore. Who's next?