Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Beef For NiNi?

Erica Mena
Looks like there may be amother girl beef about to pop off with NiNi and Erica Mena. LAHH star posted "When I get down I play hard" stuck in my head #StupidRight ugh" That line is from Nini's newest song "Dat Bitch" and it seems weird she tweeted that and said "ugh" Well Nini responded and posted "Dating a dude who's half your size and half your age, "Stupid Right" #Grandma" Erica responded posting "#Iain'tworriedboutnothing #NobodyThinkingBoutU" Although they didn't use the "@" signs to speak directly to each other, nobody feels this was all coincidence and we all feel they were sub dissing each other over Twitter. What makes it even worse, when an interviewer asked Erica last week how she felt that Nini was once involved with Cyn, who is her ex, she laughed and walked away, which is considered an insult as if you're not important enough to talk about. So are these two beefing? We really think so, it mightve been sub, but it was still direct. What do you guys think?


johnny1 said...

Seriously girl please sit down

johnny1 said...

I'm a fan I'd Erica and Nini neither one of them do subs so this is bs