Wednesday, March 18, 2015

KC And Nicki Collab + Cyn Speaks Up On Erica Mena/NiNi Drama

KC & Nicki

KC has released a new song today called "It's All Bad" which makes this the first time in over 2 years that she has collabed with her ex enemy Nicki. The song tells a story about a man (or woman) that is doing bad things, like cheating and acting out in a relationship, but when the other person does it, he or she gets mad. Lately, Kc's songs have been about cheating and heartbreak which is probably due to her super rocky marriage. The song is uptempo R&B and Hip-Hop produced by J Blaze and Fetti Rock. KC sing raps on the song and Nicki raps the last verse and as usual she drops a diamond on her verse. The song is being received well, and is receiving good reviews and is number 3 on the charts. Click here to check out "It's All Bad" by KC Ft Nicki. In other news,  yesterday NiNi and Erica Mena had a small exchange over Twitter and it seems like they have some issues with each other, and naturally people assumed its because of jealously, Cyn also thinks its jealousy, but not that kind of jealously. Being that Erica and NiNi are both her ex's, she occasionally gets asked about them, and since her two ex's are SUPPOSEDLY beefing, assumingly over her, today was the perfect day to ask her about them, and in an interview she was asked "Do you feel that Erica is jealous because of NiNi due to what many people say you left her for NiNi?" She replied "Jealous of her success probably since she has none and will never have any, but other then that, no, and I didn't leave anyone for anyone, that been over and done with long before she came in" That reply sparked even more controversy between those two and they had a huge battle on Twitter but you can read their blogs for that. NiNi is quiet in all of this, and she didn't respond to our requests for comments on this new "beef" Erica is known for being WAY TO cocky, conceited and basically trying to start with everyone which is said to be the main reason why Cyn and her broke up and their relationship was always viewed as "The Nice One and The Evil One, so it just may be true, but neither Erica or NiNi are confirming that, so we can't be sure if this is a beef brewing or just two females around each other, and we all know how that goes. They also didn't deny it either though so........ We will find out.....

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