Monday, March 2, 2015

NiNi/PSR Skit On SNL Again, Tay Responds, "Not Happy"

NiNi and PSR have once again been featured in a skit on the popular Saturday Night Live Show.. This makes the 9th time since her career began that NiNi has been featured in one of their skits, and they are famous for their "roasts" Some celebs find it funny, some take offense which has made SNL the most controversial show in the world, but they are also pretty much the #1 show in the world too. The SNL crew brought in the popular "TAY VS PSR WAR" and they pretty much made the PSR crew look pathetic by dressing up as NiNi and a few others like the 3 ex besties,  and Tay and her crew had them scared shaking and crying, and "Tay"asked "Who's my bitches" and they will reply "we are master" It was pretty funny, I won't lie, but as usual they may have went too far, But the only person who didn't take offense to this at PSR is NiNi, maybe because she is used to it, and she knows it's just a joke, the others who they dressed up as, and mentioned, took offense to it hard. But Tay is the main one who spoke up on it. She tweeted "Does it make your life easier to slam on something and make something funny that really isn't you fucking pieces of shit. People like you probably never have been in a situation where your life and the lives of others are in danger, you just make fun of it like its a fucking joke, I am not happy with that bullshit y'all call a skit, its more like Junk, and you all look and sound so stupid ugh" Its also said that Tay is going to be suing them for using her name and her image without her permission. She isn't the only one though, Demi, Lena, Nessa and many others including Nicki and Kat are pissed and are threatening to sue since they don't like how their image was portrayed. Being that Tay somewhat defended PSR and the war, does this mean that they are cool now? Click here to view the skit, did they go funny or a little too far? You be the judge....

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