Sunday, March 1, 2015

Is RiRi Back With Breezy?, Is Katy Pregnant?, Is B Engaged To Memphitz

Rumors are floating around that on and off again lovers RiRi and Breezy are back together. "Chrianna" rumors started last week after he did an interview talking about the rumored relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio, and he announced he wants her to be happy and he'll always love her. He was denied into Canada to do a show for unknown reasons, which many say was due to drake since that's where he's from, but the reason is unknown. It's said that he's been depressed on how his tour is declining and she reached out to him to be there which turned into a 3 hour skype conversation and a source close to the two say the ended the call with "I Love You" to each other. So are they back together? Let's see how it goes, if so this will be the third time they broke up and got back together. On an unrelated note concerning her, she has revealed why her and B never created a "Beyonna" are "Rhionce" (meaning do a collsb) and she said "The world ain't ready for that, you see how crazy her and nicki made the world imagine that 1 million times worst, we will slay, maybe someday the word will be ready, but right now they can't handle it (laughs) hmm go figure. In other rumors, sources say Katy and her ex John Mayer who's the reason behind the tay beef are back together and they are getting married and she's pregnant with his baby. And yet another rumor says that big ass engagement ring B rocks all the time belongs to Memphitz Toyas ex, although she stI'll refuses to say who's her fiance. Click Gere to check out further details on these new rumors.....

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