Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NiNi Avoids Jail Pays Copyright Fee +JLS New Song


The other day a judge issued a warrant for both of the queen's to be arrested for failing to pay their copy right fees, but today they both issued a check to the singer known as Nulu and the judge lifted the warrant. Apparently neither queen was happy, Nini posted #Ugh. And B posted #NoLove #DownTheDrain" But seems like Nulu responded as she first retweeted both of their original tweets, then she posted "#DontWantYourLove #BeSmarterNextTime #Ugh" which seems to go directly towards both. B didn't respond, but as usual NiNi did posting #WhoRU" and for some reason that hashtag is now trending because technically, besides her home country, no one has ever heard of her, so for NiNi to go on that level just made it even funnier since no one actually knows her. It didn't evolve into a twitter war, but obviously these ladies all have tension. Some are saying that the queen's shouldn't even be acting like that since they stole her vocals without permission, others say who cares she isn't anyone anyway. How do you guys feel? In other news, Jamie Lynn Spears has released a new sing which is her 2nd called "Always Faithful 2 U" which seems to be directed to her husband. It's a really sweet song and we're sure he's super hyped over it since she puts him up like he's a god (sorry) But the song is doing well and is most popular with females with boyfriends in the age range from 17-21 (the puppy love range) and it is number 4 on the charts so far. Click here to check out "Always Faithful 2 U" by Jamie.....

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