Thursday, March 12, 2015

KerI And Kat, Together?? + Diamond Announcement



A new story exploded onto the Internet after Keri posted a tweet and quickly deleted it within 1 minute. But the tweet was screen grabbed and it read "I will always love @Katerina" Yes, we're sure it's probably many other Katerina's, but it's only one big one who comes to mind, and the fact that she deleted it so quickly says something. Kat and Keri have been silent, but hey, maybe it's another Katerina she's referring too right. But the new headline now until they deny it is "Keri Loves Kat" Are they a couple? Maybe, maybe not, let's just wait and see.....In other news, Diamond will be releasing her 3rd PSR album in may and she also will be releasing a mixtape on the same day and starring in an upcoming movie the same month. Looks like May is Diamonds month. Click here to view her announcement. Also new music from Beauty Ft Mike Jones called "Freestyle" check it out here

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