Monday, March 9, 2015

Tay May Be Semi Cool With NiNi And PSR But Her Crew Isn't, But Are They Fired

The big talk of the town besides B and Jamie Lynn signing to PSR, and NiNi's new movie, is the #PSRVSTAYWAR" being over. Since the war ended, Tay has been trying to get in very good with the platinum clique, and the first person to publicly make up with her was Nick with this pic of her and Tay before her show in Philly (Tay's hometown) But that doesn't mean that everyone is still cool with PSR. Her crew and the PSR crew have also been in a war, and they are responsible for shooting up the Legends Trio's show, leaving 7 people dead and over 20 people injured. They were locked up for their actions, but they are still reaching out. It's well known that criminals get more freedom then they actually deserve, and nowadays, they can use the phone, use computers in the library and even keep their cells, so when cops are that dumb to let prison folks have that much access to the outside world, things happen, like today. The 'Leader" posted "IDC if she's done, we ain't thru, this just the beginning @PSR all you fuckers are dead, I swear on my moms with that one' But did Tay fire them. Tay posted a tweet shortly after that that said "Very un-lady like, smh pink slip #BUHBYE" For those who don't know a "pink slip" is what you get when you get fired. So did Tay just fire her crew for their actions? Maybe, and who will she get next to make a new crew, and will they have problems with PSR too? The PSR clique hasn't responded yet but this should be interesting all over again.....Click here to check out  their tweets. Speaking of wars ending, the Tay and PSR war may be over, but not sure if KP and Tay are over as Katy did an interview with some serious subbing towards Tay, and Tay responded with more serious subbing in her own interview. Click here to check them out, and see what I mean.....

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