Sunday, March 22, 2015

A New Beef? + Demi New Album


A new beef seems to be popping off, and its not the un-named girl Nini fought earlier, it's supposedly  Tahiry Jose (from LAHH). The reason why we think there's a beef is due, as usual to Twitter where 94% of all beefs start. Tahiry  first posted "Man is this the "entertainment"industry or a boxing ring?, I'm hearing about fights and arguing non stop when I dont even hear your music much anymore it's disgusting #Queen" Yeah she hashtagged it with that name which is why everyone thinks it's about Nini and the fact that it seems she is referencing the fight earlier with NiNi, and all her other "fight" drama lately. Nini responded but not directly and posted "Sigh, exactly what I mean from earlier #BrandNew" Does she mean brand new as in its a new person now she's beefing with? We feel 99.9% yes. Do we feel it's a new beef with them yes 99.9%. Click here to see their tweets. Tahiry didn't respond to NiNi's tweet although maybe she did posting "Lol, what am I laughing at #notimportant" hmmm. In other news, our girl miss Demi has announced her 5th psr album will be dropping in June, but she will be giving us alot of new material and a mini tour to hold us until that time. Check her announcement tweet here....BTW, sorry about the comments sections, it's down update fix soon.....

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