Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nicki And Meek Over? Argument On Stage + Is NiNi Having Issues With Birdman?

Nicki is currently on the first arm of her "pink print" world tour and she is performing with her rumored boy toy Meek Mill. But during the show the two had an argument on stage. They had their mics down so no one heard what they said but if you look at their lips it seems meek says "fuck you bitch" or something like that, and she smiles and it appears she says "you old news dude" of course since we couldn't hear them, we can't actually confirm that that's what they said, or if they actually were arguing, but Meek stormed off stage and nick canceled the remainder of the show, so we think they argued. Some sources report nick was seen crying backstage after that happened, but once again that isn't confirmed. So is it splits for the new so called "hip hop power couple" Click here to view the video, we're they arguing or just talking, if so why did he storm out and why did she kill the rest of the show? . In other news, lately nini's name has been more and more in beefs, and not in music, fashion and all the other shit she does, in fact the beef talk is so much, her movie is not even in the headlines as much cuz that's taking over. Besides Tahiry, now it's said that her and her 2nd mentor Baby AKA Birdman are having issues and he's blaming her for the fall of Cash Money. Check out this tweet "nowadays man niggaz get whipped over bitches and my dude who I practically raised by myself as my own son ain't wit it, he got shit in his head from the higher ups especially that main one who so called runs shit, and the lil nigga turned on me, regardless it's all good because I'll still keep it "platinum" with or without u shorty" Being that hes talking about running the game  (Nini does that) and he put parenthesis around "Platinum" (Platinum Sound Records) he may be subbing at Nini. But it's unconfirmed and he is currently unavailable for comment on his tweet. He deleted the tweet within 10 minutes which also says alot. So are Nini and birdman beefing? Nini hasn't responded and is unavailable for comment. Stay tuned.....Click here to check out his tweet. *Update* Nini responded we think. She tweeted #LikeFatherLikeSon.....We all know what that means right?

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