Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jessica Simpon's Crush Is Beith, Lady Gaga's Crush Is NiNi (WELL DUH)

Jessica Simpson

Lady Gaga

Jessica Simpson, the older sister of Ashley Simpson, has declared her crush status today over an interview when she was asked "Who's your celebrity crush, male or female?" She responded "Beith man (laughs) who doesn't though, but um, Leonardo DiCaprio too, he's so cute to me, what up NiNi" Being that she said "what up NiNi" its unknown if that was an insult to her, or that was her way of saying she was playing, and making jokes referring all NiNi goes through with him when it comes to females. NiNi has not responded to her yet, but those crazy N's (no offense, but y'all know what y'all are) has not attacked Jess, mainly because her playful voice and laugh indicated that she probably really was playing, but maybe she wasn't, do you think Jessica just dug a grave for herself? In other news, speaking of spilling out crushes, the head "Monster" has revealed to all her little monsters that her girl crush is the queen N. She didn't do it over an interview, she actually did it herself for absolutely no reason. She tweeted "@mylittlemonsters, did you guys happen to catch @NiNi @Tinashe @China at their last show? NiNi was rocking some shorts tighter then a virgin, man that made my mouth water lol #GirlCrush #NiNi"........ Yikes! (Sorry) She received over a million re-tweets  and over a billion likes for that tweet. NiNi DID respond to her though and she tweeted @LadyGaga "Steph, so what up money you want problems?, what you looking at my ass for? I get that G-String and handle mines, I handle mine!" LMAO!" This tweet was referencing a line from "White Girls" and Shawn & Marlon Wayans said the exact same thing (almost). Gaga responded back tweeting @TheRealNiNi  lol classic! #funny" So seems as if that tweet didn't bother the queen, but then again, why would it, after all, who doesn't have a crush on NiNi though. Click here to check out their tweets

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johnny1 said...

Jessica was playing, calm the fuck down