Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A New Beef

Why is it that Nini is in so many beefs? She's already possibly in a beef with LAHH star Erica Mena, now someone else called her out and that's Dina Jackson AKA DiDi who is a video hoe (I'm sorry video "model"). Usually We Get subs but this is not a sub as she called her our by name posting @NiNi calm down that ego trip you're on, don't get high off your own supply....omg did I just say that? Oh that's right I did hehe.....#LeftSwipe" Nini responded with her famous line posting #WhoRU" She replied "Yeah you act like you don't anyone except your muffin munchers lol ☆" After a brief twitter war Dina posted "I'll bet you I'll have your man by the end of the week I heard he big you wouldn't know tho huh #ASAPROCKY" which fueled the rumors back up that she doesn't want to have sex with her husband because she's dating her artist A$ap Rocky which was huge back in January. Nini replied "lol don't worry girl I'll see you around'  that's when they ended it and both signed off. Why are these two beefing no idea, but we do know for a fact that Nini does in fact know her because she was a model in one of her videos so maybe this is personal who knows. We'll dig, give you an update soon.....

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