Monday, March 23, 2015

Jordin Officially Confirms Split + Announces New Album Prod. BY NiNi

Jordin Sparks and ex PSR artist Jason Derulo have been having many public fights, mostly over social media, and for a while its been said that the two split up around the time he was dropped from PSR, but neither one of them actually confirmed that, but today Jordin has confirmed that they ARE in fact split, and she also confirmed the rumors of infidelity as the reason why they split in her own way. In her interview she gets asked "So Jordin, you've went platinum so many times, you had the highest selling record at one point, but even through all that, your biggest headline was Jason Derulo, and now we're hearing you guys are no longer together is there any truth to that?" She replied "Yes, we have went our separate ways, I tried my best to stay but it just was too much, so ladies enjoy him,, if you don't mind the big no-no, then he's a really great guy (laughs)" We all know the "big no-no" means cheating and he's been said to have been doing that as early as 1 week after they began dating (that's ridiculous) Jason himself responded tweeting #NeverMeantNothing" Many took that as him saying even though he did his dirt the girls were nothing to him or that Jordin never meant nothing to him, but he denied it saying that that is the title of his upcoming new song and he didn't hear the interview yet, if you say so buddy. On the interview she also announced her new album "The Heart Whats What It Wants" is over 75% completed and she is hoping  to have a release in early April. This will be her 3rd PSR album and she said the entire album is produced by NiNi and has a slight twist than what her fans are used to hearing her in, but promised its nothing too extreme. She also addressed the video that leaked of her and NiNi arguing and then fighting that was posted to YouTube saying that there is no beef, they were just acting stupid when NiNi popped over her house to work on some music since they live less then 4 blocks away from each other and calls NiNi her biggest inspiration besides her family. Click here to check out her interview on the Today Show. She is also featured in a new song by Romeo and Iggy called "My Cinderella" Click here to check it out....

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