Thursday, March 12, 2015

Judge After The Queen's For Not Paying Copyright Fees + Katy And Tinashe

A while ago a judge ruled that "Drunk In Love" ripped off a singer from overseas. She sued both and won 1 million a piece from the queen's and Jay-Z. The judge also ruled that they had to give credit in the beginning of the song or radio stations and music programs won't be allowed to air it. They added credit and you now hear "Nulu" in the beginning of the song. But they didn't follow paying up. It was ordered that all 3 pay up within 3 weeks, it's now been 2 months and only Jay Paid up, so now a judge has put a warrant out for both of their arrest or they have to pay her full price no later then tomorrow to get the warrant lifted. Nini hasn't responded to this as of yet, neither has the other one. Let's hope they take care of this quick. In other news, for the first time ever the two legendary divas Katy and Tinashe have collabed and released a new song today titled "Come To Me" and it's blowing up and is already at the number 1 spot. It's produced by Katy and it's hot. Click here to check out "Come To Me" by Katy Ft Tinashe

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