Friday, March 6, 2015

So Who's The First Person To Make Up With Tay? +Tiffany Evans New Mixtape

Well, technically it's Nini, but who's the first to actually be in public with her or take a pic with her?  It's nick. She took a picture with tay before her show began confirming that there is no more bad blood between them too. So at this point we have NiNi and Nicki who have no more bad blood with Tay. Who will be the next psr artist to step up and put it to the side. Any opinions? In other news "Tiff" has a new mixtape coming soon and she announced it over Insta with the album cover. It's coming March 19th. Click here to see her announcement.


johnny1 said...


johnny1 said...

I think they should all step up n end it it's not attractive acting like children

johnny1 said...

Oh shut up